About Joe Kuan Food Corporation
JOE KUAN has been a household word in making quality food products over the years.When you serve JOE KUAN noodles, siomai, dumplings, and siopao, you are serving premium quality food made only from the finest ingredients such as American wheat flour and fresh eggs. Savor and enjoy the variety of Joe Kuan's delicious products.JOE KUAN also supplies to hotels, restaurants and fastfoods sharing the Joe Kuan experience of perfecting their easy-to-cook food to your valued patrons. [more]
What is a Chinese steamed bun or siopao?
Chinese in a bun ‘Pau’, known to the Chinese, is a fluffy white bread dough wrapped around a filling. The filling can be made of meat, vegetables, a combination of both or sweet pastes. Paus are first cooked with high steam and then left to cool down. You can re-steam the pau again whenever you want to consume it.
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